Henrik Hvid Jensen

Podcast – Episode 97:
How enabling modernization helps businesses set themselves up for long-term success, and be more resilient

How digitization of circular economies pave the way for the future

Some leaders are great at enabling change and providing a platform for others to grow, and of course, there are those that can see change, anticipate it, and help others integrate and adapt. Henrik Hvid Jensen belongs in this latter group. As the CTO of DXC Technology, he’s leading teams that provide services for companies, mainly modernizing them in ways that help them prepare for the future, but also retain what has worked for them best. Henrik believes that a global shared digital backbone for the circular economy ecosystem is a prerequisite for an efficient global circular economy and therefore for reaching the climate goals on time. For more info about his journey, invaluable leadership advice, his thoughts on new technologies such as blockchain, all you have to do is click play. 

Preparing for the future is the one way which combines two very important aspects of business – adaptability, and attraction. The better prepared you are, the more adaptable you are, and more attractive in your business ecosystem.

From his start, all the way to where he is now, Henrik’s journey is one filled with his unique perception on change and transformation, all infused with his insatiable drive, powered by the potential of tech to enable change and progress. 

Key Takeaways from the podcast: 

  • How making your business highly integratable with the business ecosystem can set you up for long term success 
  • Why blockchain might not be the future as some claim 
  • How digitization of circular economies pave the way for the future

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