Amit Goyal


Podcast – Episode 39:
FinTech’s blockchain solution to take security trading to the next level 

CTO in the trading space

We all see big stock markets trading shares in big companies, with their stock-tickers showing the ups and downs of an organization’s perceived value. Imagine if you could invest in, let’s say, a sports star’s career or the local shop down the road. Well, this is the platform that tZERO’s CTO, Amit Goyal, is working on. He joins us to share his trials and tribulations, not forgetting the successes in creating this novel trading system.

“I think the best advise is to plan small, go with one service, go with one team, let them be successful, don’t be too impatient.”

The key takeaways from the conversation with Amit are:

  • How a more democratic trading system will create investment and growth opportunities in some weird and wonderful places 
  • Slicing big projects into manageable small value deliverables enhances the Agile space 
  • The importance of reducing the delay of developed code getting into the production space. Ultimately to ensure developers don’t get disconnected from their work and technical debt doesnt sit around out of sight. 

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