Six teams, comprising 27 talented individuals, rose to the occasion and gave their all during the Hackathon. The solutions they came up with were unique and fascinating, sparking many engaging discussions and ideas. The teams integrated maps into their applications to accurately locate the areas of litter and proposed plans to promote user engagement. Elements of gamification were also incorporated, transforming a simple reporting system into an engaging and interactive platform. Several teams even went above and beyond, earning bonus points for their creative utilization of AI technologies within their applications.  

However, the team that stood out was “DAVIS,” a group of five third-year students from FINKI (Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering). Their technical skill was unmatched and the features they incorporated into their application were innovative and highly functional, earning them the top spot in the competition. 

 We awarded the DAVIS team with various prizes and gave them a significant advantage in the internship application process as a reward for their outstanding performance. Their hard work and creativity were duly recognized and applauded. 

The Hackathon would not have been possible without the exceptional organizational skills of BEST. Their dedication and efforts turned this event into a huge success. A big shoutout to them and to all the participating teams who gave their best efforts and created some genuinely remarkable solutions. 

 As we look back at the event, we are filled with optimism and hope for more such collaborations and fun events in the future. This Hackathon was not just about developing an application but also about fostering a community of socially responsible individuals ready to use their skills to do good for our environment. And for that, we are truly grateful.