Jeremy Basset

Founder and Managing Director of CO:CUBED

Podcast – Episode 9:
CTOs as Champions for Innovation

(Providing innovation to enterprises in uncertain times)

Large corporations attempt to innovate internally, sinking vast amounts of money, balancing high levels of risk, and rarely succeeding in achieving the innovation opportunities they crave. So what can tech leaders within these organizations do?

Jeremy Basset, Founder and Managing Director of CO:CUBED, a company providing an interesting bridge between the large corporates and the vast sea of startups. Previous to that, he was the innovation director at Unilever. In short, Jeremy has a vast amount of experience in the innovation space. With gratitude, he joined us for a conversation on how CTOs and tech leaders can be the champions of innovation by taking a rather different approach to invigorate innovation in an easy, de-risked way.

“… we’re going into a new era now where it won’t be… step-change transformation, but just ongoing incremental innovation that happens every day and over the medium to long term. [i.e. consistently] deliver[ing] ongoing transformation.”

Key takeaways from the Podcast are:

  • How can tech leaders of large enterprises maximize their ability to innovate?
  • How can corporates make innovation easy for themselves?

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