Ali Bouhouch

CTO & Digital Strategy Executive at SZENTIA 

Podcast – Episode 80:
The Power of Curiosity

How curiosity drives innovation and quality leadership

Sustainability – it’s the thing we hear more than once every day, regarding human relationships, the way we work, and how we interact with the world around us and consume products. It all began as we started looking for ways to lower our impact on nature. One of the tech leaders driving us towards a more sustainable future is Ali Bouhouch, CTO & Digital Strategy Executive at SZENTIA, a company looking to revolutionize the skincare industry.

The tension that the unknown creates is a test, and one that can be highly rewarding if you decide to put in the effort and lift that veil of complexity – a reward that comes with a deep sense of satisfaction that can empower you and drive you forward.

TC sat down with Ali to learn more about what drives him, how he got to where he is now, and how he leads his teams. 

Key takeaways from this episode: 

  • How to nurture curiosity without becoming engulfed by it (it’s important to stay curious, but also focused, as curiosity will always breed ideas, but some of them can interfere with ongoing processes and development) 
  • Why being your whole self at work can be beneficial (being your natural self at work can help you develop authentic relationships with your team, and make it easier to convey ideas and processes) 
  • Why it’s important for leaders to take the first step in initiating contact with their teams (leaders are in a position of power, so it’s their responsibility to set the foundation of the relationship with their teams) 

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