Tax compliance, it turns out, is an edgy space to operate in. For example, at scale, manual handling of receipts and invoices can be a costly endeavor, and many large organizations default to safer shortcuts that prevent tax that could be claimed from being processed. Its a complex problem to solve with many variables that are at play. The scream for automation has been heard by Blue dot.” A Fintech company that has solved the headache through elegant automation. i.e., automated tax compliance systems that create healthier bottom lines. TC Gill, the host of CTO confessions, sits down with David to dig a little deeper into the details and the whys of why this is such a challenge. He also gets to go deep with David on his leadership insights and the art of enhancing communications in service of the collective work. A deep and thoughtful tech leader with some great insights to take away. 


see the beauty in what we do! It’s such a beautiful world out there. And we’re contributing to that beauty.    
And when you can see it, and you can just enjoy it.  It’s just a work of art.    
And I think as tech people, we undervalue the art that we create    
There is so much art in the work we do.

David Guedalia –

Key takeaways from the podcast: 

  • The concept of “Forcing communications” to create transparency and better understanding in and around the teams 
  • An anthropological view on the art of communication 
  • Inspiration to be more grateful for the world around us and the work we do as technologists 

TLDR: Straight to the point

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