We often see people going against the odds, achieving the unthinkable, and pushing boundaries, but how often do you see someone making it their life’s work and being successful at it? Meet Robert Mannino, CTO of Sanguina – a biotech company that develops tools to help people act on their health through accessible science and technology. Rob sat down with me, as we talked about his struggle with anemia, the work he’s been doing for Sanguina, and his journey in tech – from his early days to today.


Before you create something for someone, you first need to understand them – this will guide you through the entire process.

Robert Mannino

  • Look around your teams for a solution, before you look for it outside of your company 
  • Exhaust options before you declare something a failure – especially when the outcome is difficult to predict 
  • Learn from the leaders you admire, and you’ll grow in the right direction 

TLDR: Straight to the point

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