Episode 4: DonorTrends Success story (from Innovation to conception, and a lovely happy exit)

Guests: Ben Miller (CAO) & Caity Craver (CEO) from DonorTrends

Greetings again ladies and gentlemen, and variations thereupon. We have a special episode for you this time, the first in a series. We are calling them “Client confessions” where we invite current and previous clients of IT Labs to talk about their projects, businesses and where they are with them. The aim is to deliver insights and stories of success (and maybe even failures), this all being in in the spirit of providing value and shared learning. Anyway, back to this Client Confessions Podcast.

It was a delight to talk to Caity Craver & Ben Miller from DonorTrends about how they took an idea for helping non-profit organisations maximise donations to realisation. This was through a heady mix of sophisticated maths, big data analysis, a sprinkle of AI and inventive ways of presenting the information. A remarkable story of Innovation, conception to successful exit. And along their journey was IT Labs, turning a very manual time-consuming process into a product that was a win for everyone. This makes all of us at the office incredibly proud. We invite you to listen to their account. I hope you enjoy the discussion as much as I did.

Our Guests: Ben Miller & Caity Craver

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