The benefit of applying Blockchain to your organization

In a rapidly evolving world, blockchain technology is a perfect fit to revolutionize the nature of the global economy and redefine organizations. Blockchain takes security to another level, strengthens the trust for digital operations, and brings accountability.

Having a specific and rather complex design of data sharing and storing, using strong cryptography, consensus algorithms, to name a few, blockchain technology allows the involved parties to be confident and trustful in their usage. With blockchain innovation, we can picture a solid infrastructure providing shared databases, where data is protected and securely accessed by multiple stakeholders and users of the system.

With Blockchain being a type of distributed ledger, all participants share the same data, which can be modified only through an established consensus system. Any record must be agreed upon and will be encrypted. All of this means that from one side, data on a blockchain is more transparent among stakeholders and users, and on the other hand, more secure. Trusting the relationship of the blocks in the chain results in reduced costs and avoids third party involvement.

In short, blockchain innovation brings a new era of sharing sensitive data, plays a big role in fraud prevention, and increases profit. So why wait to implement Blockchain?

Our Blockchain capabilities

IT Labs has proven itself as a strong provider for an improved architecture with decentralized copies of data, especially suited for next-generation business applications.

We have experience in Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs), Secure Ledger, Smart Contracts, Custom App, Frameworks and Data Science.


  • Ethereum ​
  • Hyperledger Sawtooth​
  • Hyperledger Fabric​
  • Dash​
  • Hyperledger Indy​
  • r3​


  • ICO ERC20 tokens​
  • Smart wallets​
  • Custom smart contract implementation


  • Solidity ​
  • Web3.js​
  • Java​
  • JavaScript​
  • Go

How do we do that?

  1. Blockchain solution design:

    An all-encompassing solution that integrates process, people, operating model, and technology.

  2. Strategy evaluation:

    Blockchain technology applicability analysis and deployment roadmap assessment.

  3. Blockchain education:

    Workshops with Blockchain technology experts featuring beginning to advanced training.

  4. Enterprise blockchain:

    Blockchains and distributed ledgers for seamless business optimization.

Case studies

Caerus Connections​

Caerus Connections allows job seekers and potential employers to find their ideal fit through a cost-effective platform that utilizes blockchain technology.

  • Caerus token: ERC20-compliant token, derived from the Open Zeppelin framework. It uses the Pausable, Ownable, Vesting Tokens, and the team has implemented its own rate related methods that include discounts.
  • Caerus assessment: Set of Smart contracts that hold the data related to the Caerus Compass Driver test results and other Caerus Connection applications. It has an implementation of ‘data storage contract’ and ‘settings contract.’ These facilitate the upgrading of the rest of the ‘smart contract,’ and main ‘Assessment contract,’ which are a facade for storing the Caerus Compass Driver test data.

Please check this link for more information.

Self-sovereign identity (SSID)​

SSID is a model for managing digital identities in which an individual or business has sole ownership over the ability to control their accounts and personal data. In all models of identity management, a digital identity requires identifiers, which ensure the user is whom they say they are.​

It uses Blockchain for digital identification by creating a proof-of-concept for government agencies. Thus allowing them to develop and administer digital “proofs” for residents in their jurisdiction. The project is in partnership with Sovrin Foundation and BlockSpaces, making use of Hyperledger Indy, Aries, and Ursul.​

These are the guiding principles of SSI:

  • Existence — Users must have an independent existence. ​
  • Control — Users must control their identities. ​
  • Access — Users must have access to their own data. ​
  • Transparency — Systems and algorithms must be transparent. ​
  • Persistence — Identities must be long-lived. ​
  • Portability — Information and services about identity must be transportable. ​
  • Interoperability — Identities should be as widely usable as possible. ​
  • Consent — Users must agree to the use of their identity. ​
  • Minimization — Disclosure of claims must be minimized. ​
  • Protection — The rights of users must be protected. ​

Additional projects

  • Oil & Gas Royalty Credits

  • Uses Private Permissioned Ethereum blockchain. ​
  • Makes use of PHP/ Postgres SQL front-end. ​
  • Real Estate Investment Trust (REITS)​

  • Uses a combination of an ERC-20 token for fractional ownership representation coupled with an ERC-721 token for the representation of the individual properties within the REIT.​
  • Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT)​​

  • Different companies with similar scenarios using EOS blockchain.​
  • Blockchain-based Loyalty Program​​​

  • Uses stable coin, coupled with private Ethereum blockchain.​
  • High-value Art fractionalization platform

  • Allows owners of high-value art pieces to sell fractional ownership using an ERC-20 and ERC-721 token.
  • Seed to Sale tracking platform for the cannabis industry​

  • Integrated with IoT and scanning technology on Hyperledger Fabric​.
  • Integrated with the existing Point of Sale product to create full-plant through to transaction life cycle​.

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