TC Gill welcomed Jon Santee, Senior Director, Information Technology Operations at iRhythm Technologies with a unique journey from computer science studies to a passion-filled career in technology. Jon’s approach to leadership is marked by his earnest desire to help others, a guiding principle that’s shaped his professional growth.  

The conversation covers critical topics such as the evolving concept of work-life flow, the challenges of security in the ever-changing tech landscape, and the often under-discussed transition from an individual contributor to a leadership role. Jon’s genuine reflections provide valuable lessons for tech professionals at all stages of their careers. Whether you’re navigating the seismic shifts in technology or looking to inspire your team, Jon’s perspective offers both inspiration and practical guidance. 


Go out there. Be the best that you can be for your teams. Be the best that you can be for yourself and just know at the end of each day you’ve done what you can do and be proud of it.

Jon Santee

  • The Power of Authentic Leadership – Jon Santee emphasizes honesty and constant learning in leadership, encouraging leaders to strive for their best without seeking perfection, fostering empathy, and growth within the team. 
  • Ownership and Humility – The conversation underscores the importance of owning decisions, being humble enough to change direction, and learning from mistakes, which enhances resilience and adaptability. 
  • Knowing When to Pivot – Recognizing when to move away from a failed path and having a supportive organization that encourages innovation and discernment between real opportunities and tech fads are highlighted as essential for success. 

TLDR: Straight to the point

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