Eugene Kovshilovsky

Sr. Vice President of Software Engineering at

Eugene Kovshilovsky is a high energy leader who creates scalable, high-profile, and quality technology solutions thru a sustainable and goal-driven application development process. Highly entrepreneurial with a reputation for finding unique right-fit solutions to hard to solve problems and achieving exceptional results. Can thrive in all environments from startups to large organizations and everything in-between.

Some of his previous positions are: Vice President Of Engineering at EnterpriseAlumni, CTO at SmartCSM, Director of Engineering at Media Temple a GoDaddy company, Vice President of Engineering at HiveWind, Follow him on LinkedIn and Twitter.

“Don’t be afraid to make mistakes and choosing the wrong path, but the right path for the right time. You may decide that you want to build something because you think that it’s the right approach, and then as the industry or your market matures, you may decide that you want to swap it out for something more robust.”


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