Eoin O’Brien

Founder & CTO at Tracworx 

Podcast – Episode 71:
Major pivot to Major success

Tracking assets and people for workflow visibility, predictability, and efficiencyworld

In business development and in particular start-ups, we talk about pivoting whenever the situation has changed or an even better idea has appeared. One that solves a real problem and pain point in the real world.

Well, our guest in this episode of CTO Confessions, Eoin O’Brien, tells about a huge pivot that led to an immense success. He is the CTO of Tracworx, a company that offers a cloud-hosted Wi-Fi-based patient flow management and asset tracking solution. This is all in the spirit of improving operational efficiency within organizations. Eoin joins us to share his leadership and start-up journey and lessons learned so far.

Take a human-centered approach in everything you build, otherwise you risk ending up with something that’s technically impressive, but no one will want to use.

Key takeaways from the podcast with Eoin are: 

  • How having a varied set of leaders allows for a blend of leadership that can create a solid foundation for success. 
  • Why pivoting is not just a cool jazz dance move, it’s an important and potentially high return business tool 
  • How to build a good strong, resilient team around you, so your business has resilience in tough times 

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