Brian Fox

CTO & Co-founder at Sonatype

Podcast – Episode 78:
Open source, open security

How tech attackers social engineering their way inworld

The open-source world is a wonderful democracy and meritocracy of innovation, software elements, and applications. Its creativity is incorporated into countless (if not all) major applications across the tech arena. But with it comes complexities. And in this podcast, we get to speak to Brian Fox, the CTO & Co-founder of Sonatype, about those complexities. In particular, the worrying world of security. Sonatype runs the central repository of Maven, where the world gets its open-source Java. A kind of Center of the open-source universe. Or at least one of them. Sonatype also focuses on developing a smarter, faster, and more secure software development for the open-source world and its clients.

Focusing on solutions is very hard when you have all the new tech toys to play with. As anyone leading a group of developers, you’ll find that keeping the balance between the two is the key to continuous success.

From his beginnings as a young techie with a penchant for coding, all the way to figuring out the hows and whys of tech leadership, Brian’s journey is filled with ups and downs, from which every tech leader would do well to learn from, and build on! 

Key takeaways from the podcast are: 

  • The new attack vectors that hackers are using to get their grubby hands on your systems and data 
  • Visual analogies for software development and the software supply chain and how they create clarity on the mistakes that are being made in the tech industry 
  • The impact that the SolarWinds attack is having on the regulation and practices for the software development industry (especially for critical systems) 

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