Stephen Tallamy

CTO at EditShare

Podcast – Episode 58:
Tech fueled collaboration & efficiency in the film and TV production industry

The tech and tech leadership behind making remote production editing smooth

We all consume TV shows and movies to feed our entertainment-hungry minds. And it’s no wonder why – the TV and movie production industries vie for our hearts and minds through elegant storytelling, immersing us in worlds that capture our hearts and expand our minds. Well, now we get to look under the covers of the industry, shining a light on a particularly important and unsung hero of this industry – the art of editing.

Leading is more about listening, rather than talking and giving directions and instructions. Listening to your team will enable them to trust their own ideas, to be confident in it, and that’s how you get them to produce at the highest level.

We speak to Stephen Tallamy, the CTO of EditShare, a company that works on simplifying editing and storytelling. Particularly as we have been jolted into a remote work and the boundaries of the studio have moved further into the virtual space.

Stephen shares the tech challenges and solutions in this industry along with his tech leadership tips:

  • How EditShare is making it an art in simplifying story telling through remote editing
  • The spectrum of tech leaders (Clarity on tech leadership names)
  • Riding the elevator (Communication skills for the organization spectrum)

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