Andrew Gomarsall

Executive Chairman at N2S

Podcast – Episode 99:
Building a Circular Economy by Reversing Tech Waste

How one company is doing its bit in supplying green solutions

We’ve all seen techies turn into tech leaders, but professional sports players? Now, there’s a story right there, and Andrew Gomarsall, Executive Chairman at N2S, is here to tell it. From making his first steps on the rugby fields, all the way to what he does now, Andrew’s story as a pro athlete turned eco warrior is one that will show athletes and aspiring techies that there’s always a way, and that when it comes to leadership, business and sports have a lot in common! 

Standards and ticking boxes is important, but try not to see them as benchmarks – they’re just milestones for doing the bare minimum, day in, day out. Ticking boxes and not going the extra mile is not the way of growth and progress.

Key Takeaways from the podcast are: 

  • New problems can be solved with existing solutions, one just has to look; 
  • Why are circular economies the future 
  • Threading the path less taken is all about values, character, and doing it the right way 

TLDR: Straight to the point
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