Phil Wood

Director of IT Service Delivery at easyJet

Podcast – Episode 53:
Flying on the wings of curiosity 

How the will to know mixed with trust and autonomy can take a business to the skies

Phil Wood is a man of many talents, all cored in his unabating curiosity. What started off as the need to know how things function and what they’re made off, led him to learn and develop, and eventually become the Director of IT Services at one of the most prominent airlines – easyJet.

His journey? A big pile of experience which has helped him develop his unique MO – approaching product and service development by looking at the core of the matter – the customer, and his wishes and needs, making them the cornerstone of every project he’s laid hands on.

Leading teams by example is one thing, but allowing them to do mistakes, lead themselves, assume responsibility and authority is the real deal – this is how you develop them as leaders, rather than just pieces of a well-oiled machine.

In this episode, Phil shared his advice and experience, ranging from his unique leadership style with which he allows teams to lead themselves by letting them take the responsibility and giving them freedom, all the way to creating feedback loops that help not just a service or a product in work, but also future R&D. 

All worth its weight in gold, we boiled down the episode to the following key takeaways: 

  • How to create high performing teams by allowing them to take on responsibility and authority;
  • Why are feedback loops important in the development process of a product or a service
  • How looking at the bigger picture and not just your product/service can help in ensuring end-to-end satisfaction for clients and customers. 

TLDR: Straight to the point
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