Japjit Tulsi

CTO at Matterport

Podcast – Episode 75:
Using Data to Create Beautiful Visualizations

How finding patterns in data and structuring it in the right way can help you take your game to the next levelworld

We have this idea of data that it’s a bulk of information that helps us make decisions in the virtual world, but can it be used for something like renovating buildings and improving the efficiency in the construction world? Enter Japjit Tulsi, the CTO at Matterport, a company which is dedicated to making spatial data a bit more likeable, and the world a bit better.

If you’re passionate about something, and if you’re learning even just one new thing every day, you might not be at your best performance-wise, but you’ll always give it your best effort.

Japjit’s journey is one that’s filled with many companies, both startups and large corporations, all which have helped him diversify his portfolio, and gain vast experience. He’s been in the industry for a quarter of a century now, and is one of the most impressive tech leaders we’ve had on our podcast: 

Key takeaways from the podcast are: 

  • How having a list of dos and don’ts regarding leadership can help you become more consistent 
  • Why hiring right is more about time, rather than approach or skill 
  • How visualization of data can help spur the next big thing in tech 

TLDR: Straight to the point
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