Join us in a compelling conversation with Robert Matsuoka, where he unveils his transformative journey from a tech-centric role to a strategic leadership position. In this episode of CTO Confessions, Robert delves into the art of delegation, the dynamics of building effective teams, and the criticality of nurturing talent. He also sheds light on managing remote teams and establishing meaningful rituals in today’s distributed work environments. Packed with practical insights, this episode is a must-listen for those navigating the intricate balance between technology and leadership. 


Leadership comes first, then tech after that. It’s about being a leader first, with a solid foundation in tech, but not leading with the tech.  

Robert Matsuoka

  • Leadership Over Technical Expertise: Matsuoka emphasizes that being a tech leader is more about leadership skills than technical prowess. He acknowledges the importance of having a solid technical foundation but stresses that the primary role of a tech leader is to guide, inspire, and manage their team effectively, rather than being the most technically proficient person in the room. 
  • The Art of Delegation and Organizational Building: A significant part of Matsuoka’s leadership philosophy revolves around effective delegation and organizational structuring. He highlights the importance of understanding team dynamics, recognizing the varying levels of talent within a team, and strategically delegating tasks to ensure optimal productivity and growth for both individuals and the organization.  
  • Adapting to Remote Work and Cultivating Culture: Matsuoka discusses the challenges and strategies of managing remote teams, emphasizing the need for creating new rituals and practices to maintain a strong organizational culture. He advocates for intentional interactions and structured meetups to foster collaboration and connection among team members spread across different geographies.  

TLDR: Straight to the point

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