Shane Emmons

Skyler Seamans

Podcast – Episode 76:
Digitalizing Sports Through Innovative Leadership 

How to deliver high-quality products through adaptive management methods

Efficiency starts with leadership, and the best kind of leadership is the one built around the needs and capabilities of your teams. Meet Skyler Seamans and Shane Emmons, the two techies from TeamSnap – a company that provides spots management solutions. What got us really interested into these two and their company is their unique management method they invented, called Shape Up – a mixture of known Agile and Scrum methods which has made them a force to be reckoned.

Success is only possible when you nurture your tenacity and persistence, even when things aren’t going as you’d expect, or you straight up fail. Get up, dust off, and do it again.– Skyler Seamans

TC sat down with them to learn more about what they do, what drives them, and how their Shape Up method has helped them get to where they are now. 

Key takeaways from the episode: 

  • How assessing the size of problems can help you in finding solutions 
  • Why it’s important to get people behind ideas before implementing them  
  • Why methods that allow and encourage your employees to grow will always be a resounding success  

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