When one operates in an extremely sensitive, heavily enforced, compliant environment, there is lots of work to tick the boxes and jump through required hoops. This is the case in the social services that are there to care for the wellbeing of people. This often results in many people who should be delivering care being redirected to administrative tasks, such as updating records and ensuring the correct steps are taken. A process on steroids that has to be fully auditable. In this episode, TC Gill, the Chief talking Officer (CtO) of the podcast series, sits down with a tech leader with a passionate mission in this space. Gary Pyke joins us to describe the challenge he and his teams address for the benefit of the people that deliver care and those that receive it. A really insightful discussion, with many takeaways for tech leaders and leaders in general. 


You have to be a rebel if you’re going into transformation.

Gary Pyke 

Key takeaways from the podcast: 

  • Getting clear and agile on the outcomes you are trying to solve 
  • The magic of big-hairyaudacious goals  
  • Avoid being data-rich and insight poor 
  • Getting creative around compliance 

TLDR: Straight to the point

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