Marcus Lambert 

CTO at Omobono

Podcast – Episode 33:
The art of digital experience – Making big brands like Google, Shell, BP, Facebook more desirable

User-experience is the new brand

In this information-obsessed modern world, marketing takes on many forms. And a word that gets banded around a lot (and quite rightly) is brand. For Omobono, the brand isn’t just logos and fancy billboards; it’s more than that. The CTO from Omobono, Marcus Lambert, joins us to tell us about its importance and how an organization’s brand can be enhanced digitally.

“Be transparent and be honest. Your job as a leader is to get the best out of the individuals and your team as a whole.”

Marcus also talks about his leadership and how he works hard to keep to the foundations of Agile (the values and principles), creating a high trust environment through transparency. Knowing what is happening, what will be happening, and knowing each other thoroughly is a recipe for success. 

Key takeaways from the podcast are:  

  • Organizational trust layered into every nook-and-cranny of the business is the key to lasting transformation. (Omobono’s story around this is a must-hear – truly inspiring!)  
  • Transparency creates clarity. It is a simple, sometimes painful, quite powerful tool that all establishments need to embrace for better leadership throughout the org.  
  • The lessons learned from oscillating between small companies and large corporates and back again.  

TLDR: Straight to the point
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