Sung Choi

Senior Director Of Engineering at Warby Parker

Podcast – Episode 20:
Taking Agile and working to big it up

Creating Agile autonomy org-wide

Warby Parker is a big name in the spectacle industry, so it was exciting to have Sung Choi, their Senior Director of engineering, come onto the show and share his wisdom. Sung is a true Agilist and seated in a company that seems to create the perfect environment for the values and principles of Agile to thrive.

The key takeaways from the podcast are:

  • The power of leading with integrity.
  • Aligning around values and principles to deliver customer-centric business value from the technology space.
  • Using the “commander’s intent” to inspire a solution mindset in the teams and allowing autonomy to flourish.

On Mitigating risk: “Communication! That’s one of the most important tools in any tech leader’s toolbox. It’s frequent and methodical communication with all the people involved. Maybe even over-indexing when necessary, because while it’s definitely cumbersome to have to listen to the same pitch, or the same update three or four different times over the course of a week, it’s a lot less painful to have to clean up messes caused by lack of communication.”

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