Bela Labovitch

VP of Engineering at athenahealth

Podcast – Episode 41:
Mindful leadership in athenahealth 

Tech to help doctors focus on what they are good at

We all hope for a day when we don’t need to mention, or even be surprised, when we see women leading in tech. But, until that wonderful moment arrives, we will celebrate a marvelous leader’s journey and her leadership practices. Bela Labovitch, the VP of engineering at athenahealth, joins us to share her story and why she has much gratitude for her job. Of special interest, how she makes the role effective and delightful for her people, the end customer, and the business itself.

I think as a leader, what should be important to you is the continual improvement of your teams, what should be important to you as a signaling of something going wrong? So, make that time, it is important.

We also look at the problem that athenahealth is solving in the market and how it allows doctors and similar professionals to focus on what they love doing by adding ease and automation to important aspects of their business operations. 

Key takeaways from the podcast with Bela are: 

  • The importance of metrics and measuring 
  • The power of a tool we all have as leadersmindfulness and the surprising impact it can have on all aspects of the tech leader role
  • How companies can help create more diversity within their companies and encourage girls and women  to pursue tech careers

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