In this enlightening episode of CTO Confessions, TC Gill dives deep with Benny Keinan, VP of R&D at Windward, a tech veteran who’s seen the evolution from Commodore gaming to leading the R&D at Windward, a maritime tech giant. Benny shares his passion for startups, the transformative power of APIs, and the importance of people in any tech journey. He emphasizes the strength in admitting what you don’t know and the value of continuous learning. Join us as we sail through Benny’s tech voyage and gather pearls of wisdom from his vast experience. 


I want every single person in the organization to think this way and act like this is their company. If you think about all of that when building the product, your product is going to be better.

Benny Keinan

  • The Power of APIs – how they can be really transformative, especially when they’re flexible and powerful. They allow for innovation on top of innovation, opening up possibilities that even the creators hadn’t imagined. 
  • People Over Everything – The right team can make or break a project. It’s important for oneself to be surrounded with individuals who prioritize doing the right thing over politics or personal gain. 
  • Strength in Admitting Ignorance – The power of saying “I don’t know.” Is immense. It’s a sign of strength and confidence, paving the way for continuous learning and growth. 

TLDR: Straight to the point

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