Anders Wallgren

VP of Technology Strategy at CloudBees

Podcast – Episode 42:
Governance vs developer freedom: The balancing act 

Smarter, smoother, well-governed development processes out of the box

Tech leaders immersed in software development and deployment processes–from embedded software to more user-facing applications–will love this.

Anders Wallgren, the Vice President of Technology Strategy at CloudBees joined us to share LOADS of tips and advice on having a smooth end-to-end development process. Being a software developer in the past (I’m a geek that managed to de-geek), I know the pains and benefits of getting this right. The investment in automation and auditing-as-you-go saves many headaches and Kerr-chings (money!) over and over again. The system that Anders and CloudBees have created is just awesome–especially for high compliance industries.

It’s really all about how do you discover all the work so that you can then automate it, orchestrating it, and have the humans not do the repetitive rote work, which frankly we humans’ kind of suck at and computers are much better suited to doing, and we can have the humans do their creative problem-solving 
innovative work, which we tend to be a lot better at, than computers.

Key takeaways from the podcast are: 

  • How automation can become your implicit auditing 
  • How tech leaders can enable companies to balance governance and developer freedom with a win/win scenario 
  • The benefits of taking two steps back to make huge leaps forward in the efficiency of your value delivery  

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