Vijay Venkatesh

CTO at MakeSpace

Podcast – Episode 55:
The business value of paying down technical debt 

How good tech leaders balance the tech debt equation

For startups and established companies, it’s never just about crunching and creating and pushing a product or a service out – that’s why tech leaders must consider the short and long-term ramifications of every decision they make at every stage. We sat down with Vijay Venkatesh, a CTO and Product Development leader on various projects, shared his journey, and gave advice on finding the right balance in every aspect and process while leading teams in the tech world.

Creating a framework in which all teams in one project can contribute, produce, and be successful is what a tech leader should be all about.

Vijay’s enthusiasm and passion is the stuff tech leaders should be made of. Mix that up with his unwavering drive towards delivering high-quality products and his impeccable decision-making is something one can’t help but admire.

Key takeaways from the podcast: 

  • Quick ascent is all about adaptability and flexibility 
  • Constraints can solidify teams and make them more efficient 
  • Understanding the wishes and whims of customers and clients is a form of art 

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