Fabricio F. Costa

Senior Product Developer & Strategy Executive at Accenture

Podcast – Episode 64:
Scientist in a Data science world

Using mega data in the micro world

We here at IT Labs love people who are bees. What we mean by that is people with varied careers bring opportunities for cross-pollination. Cross-pollination of ideas and new ways of doing things. Like bee’s these individuals are the backbone of innovation and industry leaps.  They play an important part in the industry landscape, buzzing around doing their thing. Simultaneously, creating bridges for all kinds of concepts to travel and blend with the organization at the other end of that bridge. 

One of these bees is Fabricio F. Costa, Senior Product Developer & Strategy Executive at Accenture. His varied experience and passions create an interesting tech leadership mix. 

Putting yourself in someone’s shoes is not just about understanding his point of view, it’s also about understanding his possibilities and capability to carry out something. And this insight is invaluable – not just of the person, but of the management obstacles you might have to overcome on a wider scope.

In our episode with him, we learned about his journey from academia to tech – starting out as a molecular biologist, then moving on to IT, and using his knowledge in creating technology that saves lives, and also the struggles a tech leader faces on a daily basis – involving people, projects, and the desire to deliver something that makes a change in the world. 

Key takeaways from the podcast are: 

  • The importance and balancing of communication. Managing how that is exposed. Not too much, and not too little. 
  • The emergence of data and its impact on the micro to the mega. The emerging tools will speed up the emergence of new insights 
  • Never forget the importance of seeing businesses as a collection of human beings. The lens through which any collective human endeavor starts. 

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