Felix Hovsepian

CTO at Blue Manifold & Professor

Podcast – Episode 18:
Getting clear on AI & ML

Musings on AI, ML, and leading tech R&D

There is much talk about AI and ML (Machine learning). The terms are misused, and the hype around them creates much confusion. So what can they offer in real terms, if anything?

Well, Felix Hovsepian joins us on CTO confessions to clear up the subject and explore some interesting use cases. Key takeaways from the Podcast are:

  • Why ML and AI are not the same things.
  • Examples of AI and ML.
    • Generative design
    • AI at the Edge
  • Being a tech leader in R&D

Felix is a colorful character with interesting ideas in several fields. After listening, share your thoughts on AI/ML. Are these fields starting to emerge from the hype cycle?

“The thing is the two weeks is not long enough to do research, to try and see what the nature of this problem is. And at what point do you pull the plug? Once you start looking at those types of projects, then the teams tend to be small. My specialty is looking after teams that are typically between three and seven people (five plus or minus two). Within a team like that, it really does take on some of that “spirit of Agility” because there are no seniors and managers. Everybody is in it at the same time. It’s a self-organizing team. You need to have people who think differently. I think that is the real key. I think that’s the real key for technology as well as education. It’s the key for the 21st Century. We need to start literately thinking about our thinking.”

TLDR: Straight to the point
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We all live busy lives, and sometimes a long Podcast is too much of a time-footprint for our busy schedules. So, to help you get to the bit you’re more interested in, use our table of contents below. Quick links to help you get straight to the point.

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