In this episode of CTO Confessions, TC Gill welcomes Pierre Arman, a Partner – Global Tax SaaS Go-to-market Leader at EY, based in Dubai. Pierre dives deep into his role at EY, discussing the intricacies of tax technology, particularly in the realm of VAT and GST automation. As the conversation progresses, Pierre shares his insights on leadership, the importance of authenticity, and the challenges and rewards that come with leading a team. With a passion for practical solutions through technology, Pierre emphasizes the significance of being proactive, taking risks, and the profound satisfaction of seeing team members succeed. 


“Leadership is not a rank. It’s not linked to a title. It’s an attitude.” 

Pierre Arman

  • Leadership is an Attitude – Leadership isn’t about titles but is fundamentally an attitude. True leaders fill gaps, take initiative, and are proactive. 
  • Value of Authenticity – Being genuine and consistent in leadership builds trust. Leaders should be ready to give credit and take blame. 
  • Nurturing a Team’s Growth – Despite challenges, the satisfaction of seeing team members succeed is unmatched. Most will reciprocate trust and guidance tenfold. 

TLDR: Straight to the point

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