David Kell

Interim CEO at GYANA

Podcast – Episode 63:
Democratising the data science space 

The importance of simplifying data analysis and how it can help businesses grow

Some of the most dynamic and battle-scarred tech leaders are those who have lived through a start-up journey — and in this episode, our guest David Kell shares his own wild ride, leaving university to start a successful series of start-ups. We also talk about Gyana’s innovative platform — a no-code, data science tool that is democratizing the art of using data that many companies have pooled up.

The most important thing a leader needs to do at the beginning is find focus. For his team, for himself, the market, for the whole business. Otherwise, you can easily get sidetracked and end up with a lot of project and technical debt.

From his switch from academia to entrepreneurship, through his learning curve, all the way to how Maslow’s hierarchy of needs can be applied to data science. All in all, a conversation that will surely give you a new perspective on data science, its uses, and how it can help you shape into a better tech leader. 

Key takeaways from the podcast are: 

  • Seeing a gap in the market and solving a big challenge for many companies 
  • Looking at Maslow’s hierarchy of needs for data 
  • How the tech leadership (and business leadership) wisdom many leaders yearn for is already articulated 

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