Anna Dick


Podcast – Episode 48:
Leading and Innovating in the recruitment industry 

A tech leaders story of a startup staying lean, innovating, and growing fast

In this episode, we speak to Anna Dick, CTO of an innovative startup called HIRING HUB. It provides a B2B service to help rate and track the quality of recruitment agencies. We speak to her about the exciting objectives and growth of the business. Also, the problems she and her team are working to solve in the recruitment space. The recruitment industry is a highly competitive market with varying levels of trust and the ability to deliver on the hiring needs of their end clients.

Putting an effort to see things from a different perspective will of course benefit you, but done in the right way will earn you the respect of your fellow co-workers, or even employees.

Key takeaways from the podcast are: 

  • How you don’t need to come from a traditional software background to become a tech leader.  
  • How HIRING HUB is aiming to address the diversity biases that are endemic in the recruitment process. Helping agencies see how well they are doing and what actions will serve them in getting better. 
  • Overcoming the challenges of working remotely. 

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