Roy Keyes

Author and data expert 

Podcast – Episode 25:
Leading and hiring in the data space

Data science and machine learning leader tells all

Data, data, data everywhere! Sometimes I wonder if we’re going to drown in it all. Thankfully we have a super expert on the subject to join us to demystify some of the reoccurring topics in this arena. Roy Keyes, a data science and machine learning guru and expert in knowing what people to hire for this elusive new field of computing, tells us all in the time we had for the podcast. We got so carried away, it’s a long one. To make it easier, if you want to jump into a particular area that interests you, please use the Table of Contents below.

“As a leader, I think that it’s really important that you help people realize this curiosity and desire to learn, to kind of push them along and kind of help them be fulfilled, in a market where experienced people are the hard ones to find.”

Roy’s book, “Hiring Data Scientists and Machine Learning Engineers: A Practical Guide.” can be found here.
The key takeaways from the podcast are:

  • What is the definition of  
    • Data science 
    • Data analytics 
    • The various roles that gravitate around this industry 
  • Some tips as to how to structure data people within the org 
  • The challenges of hiring the right people for the job 

And much, much more 

TLDR: Straight to the point
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We all live busy lives, and sometimes a long podcast is too much of a time-footprint for our busy schedules. So, to help you get to the bit you’re more interested in, use our table of contents below. Quick links to help you get straight to the point.

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