Maksym Schipka

CTO at Vortexa

Podcast – Episode 35:
Clarity for the opaque world of seaborne energy 

The success of a reluctant tech leader

In this episode, we talk to a tech leader who initially had very little desire to become a CTO. However, once the journey began, not only was he a success, but he also came to appreciate and love the role. His passion shows and is a great inspiration to try things you think you don’t want.

Maksym Schipka, the CTO at Vortexa, shares his tech journey and what’s worked, and is working for him. Just to put into perspective the importance of Vortexa’s operation, it tracks more than $1.8 trillion of waterborne energy trades per year. That’s a great deal of ka-chings! Their work and innovations disrupt the way the energy markets operate, creating visibility into the very opaque world of seaborne energy trading.

“Don’t be afraid to try something out and see how much it interests you. If it does interest you will become good at it because you will put an effort to doing it. 

His desire (and deeper purpose) to solve problems and face difficult challenges, led Maksym to solve technical goals and even more complex ones like strategic and the dynamics of leading people. His desire to create elegant solutions in his leadership serves the business, the people, and his own leadership. 

The key takeaways from the conversation with Maksym are:  

  • The amazing payoffs of taking small, uncomfortable steps –new realizations regarding what interests you and what doesn’t, plus the willingness to face fear, risk, and dislikes to make adventurous, inspired career choices.   
  • How data and machine learning are being used to disrupt the energy trading system – a disruption that serves and enhances the work of traders and the industry as a whole.  
  • The power in a leader is willing to become redundant in many of the tech activities and business operations. When your teams need you less, you are succeeding immensely as a leader. This reminds me of the quote from Nanny McPhee, “When you need me, but do not want me, then I must stay. When you want me but no longer need me, I have to go.”.   
  • The importance of attachment and detachment in leadership, and how to allow teams and people to grow and expand their responsibility.  

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