Eugene Kovshilovsky

Sr. Vice President of Software Engineering at

IT Labs CTO Confessions- Episode 3:
Automobile eCommerce industry amid Corona disruption

At the time of this podcast recording, the Coronavirus was in full swing (and maybe it still is). We hope you managed to keep safe.

Eugene Kovshilovsky (Евгений Ковшиловский), Senior Vice president of Engineering at US Auto parts, joined us for a discussion around how the automobile eCommerce industry was handling the Coronavirus storm. Eugene has vast experience across many sectors and carries a nice mix of technological wisdom, knowledge, and skill, with the leadership qualities that bring his teams together (the human element).

The turmoil has shaken all layers of the Automobile industry. In the podcast, we discuss how the auto parts eCommerce industry works. We enter the discussion with Eugene, curious as to see how things have impacted it from a technological perspective.

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