Time – it’s the one thing that no one can’t control, no matter their skill or know-how. And for small and medium businesses, getting the needed protection and insurance in time is essential. Meet Shay Mandel, VP of Engineering at Next Insurance, a company that provides insurance to small and medium sized businesses at the click of a button, instead of waiting for weeks as it usually goes in the market nowadays. So how is Next Insurance doing this? How did Shay get to where he is? The answers to these questions and many more were answered in this episode, as our TC Gill sat down with Shay to dive deep in all matters of business and tech.


“Тhe best thing you can invest in people is by training and teaching the people in your teams.”

– Shay Mandel –

Key takeaways from the podcast:

  • Why technical debt is not something that should be overlooked 
  • How code has a way of showing you where progress and development can hit a snag 
  • How technical debt can actually influence people’s decision to come on board 

TLDR: Straight to the point

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