Think of this interview as the pre-game before Martin guiding us through the exciting world of Quarkus in his upcoming webinar.

We ask, Martin answers all the big questions, and by the end – you from how to make Java applications run better in the cloud to how to start them up really fast, all in an easy-to-understand and fun way! 

Once again, Martin - what in the Java world is Quarkus? 

Think of Quarkus as the superhero of Java frameworks, swooping in to save the day with its super-fast boot times and sleek performance. It’s like giving your Java applications a dose of super-serum to make them cloud-native and Kubernetes-friendly. 

To give you the final definition: Quarkus is a modern Java framework that allows developers to create efficient and fast microservices and serverless applications, with a focus on reducing memory usage and startup time, making it ideal for cloud deployments.

Is Quarkus just another framework I need to learn, or is it actually going to make my life easier? 

Oh, it’s definitely here to make your life easier, not to add to your developer’s toolbox of doom. Imagine writing code and seeing changes instantly, without the agonizing wait. That’s Quarkus for you—like having a fast-forward button for your coding! 

Will Quarkus work with my existing Java knowledge, or do I need to start from scratch? 

No need to toss your Java knowledge out the window! Quarkus builds on what you already know and love about Java, just turbocharging it for the cloud era. It’s like your Java skills got an upgrade! 

I heard Quarkus works well with GraalVM. What's the deal there? 

Yep, Quarkus and GraalVM are the dynamic duo! GraalVM allows Quarkus apps to compile into native executables, which means even faster startup times and lower memory usage. It’s like your app goes on a super-efficient diet and exercise regimen. 

Can Quarkus really make my applications start that much faster? 

Absolutely! Quarkus is like a shot of espresso for your applications. You’ll go from sleepy, slow startups to lightning-fast launches, making your apps feel as if they’ve just sprinted out of the blocks. 

What about the learning curve? Is Quarkus developer-friendly for newbies and veterans alike? 

Quarkus is designed with all levels of Java developers in mind. It has a gentle learning curve for newbies while offering deep and powerful features that veterans will appreciate. Think of it as a friendly tour guide through the land of cloud-native Java, offering helpful tips and snacks along the way. 

What about Quarkus and Kubernetes? 

Quarkus and Kubernetes are like best buddies in the cloud-native playground. Quarkus is built with Kubernetes in mind, so it’s like it inherently knows how to scale, heal, and play nicely with containers, making your deployment a breeze. 

So where can I learn more about this? 

As a matter of fact – I have a webinar on the topic coming up, in which I’ll show you around Quarkus, some of its features, show you how it can make your life easier, and why it might be a better choice for you in your Java endeavors!