James Cummings

Vice President of Business Development at London & Partners

Podcast – Episode 22:
A technology leader’s needs from a city

Driving innovation and growth…The London story

Culture can make a huge difference to an organization’s energy around Agility, innovation, creativity, and synergy with other seemingly unrelated industries. So we often talk about the environment and culture on a micro and macro level (teams and organizations). These always seem to be under the microscope, and for good valid reasons. What if, for a moment, we looked through a telescope at the bigger picture. What about the environment and culture of an entire city?

In this episode, we get to meet and talk to James Cummings, Vice President of Business Development at London & Partners. He currently lives in Los Angeles, where he promotes London to organizations, including tech companies, to locate themselves in the UK’s capital city. With all the trappings of success, through a huge pool of creative talent, hotbed of innovation, and strong governmental governance and support, many companies are making a move to London to grow and take advantage of the fertile entrepreneurial soil of London.

“How can cities like London help you take advantage of that global opportunity? How do you find the talent? The customer base? The places that can help connect you to the world? How do you find the cities that constantly reinvent? Those cities of creative energy? Those cities of opportunity? I really think London is one of those cities!”

The key takeaways from the podcast are:

  • Who are London & Partners, and how they can help tech companies and their tech leadership.
  • What are tech leaders looking for in a city?
  • How cities can drive growth through talent, R&D, incentives, and simplicity of doing business.
  • Examples of companies that have located in London and the success they made of it.
  • Examples of relationships between cities and how these can help each other by playing to each other’s strengths.

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