The stereotypes say that sports and tech don’t go well together, but the reality is, tech has taken all sports to the next level. From gathering game data to performance analysis all the way to getting insight into what’s happening on a field – the marriage between sports and tech has been rather spectacular. In this episode, I talked with Ben Burdsall, CTO of one of the biggest sports technology companies in the world, Sportradar – and we talked about it all: from his beginnings, through his learning process and how he was shaped as a leader, all the way to what he does now with Sportradar.


Diversity of opinion will always result in better decision-making – so make sure you surround yourself with different kinds of people.

Ben Burdsall –

Key takeaways from the podcast: 

  • Why putting people first will help reduce potential depersonalization in big companies 
  •  How the concept of “mean time to innocence” can actually help businesses locate issues and respond faster 
  • Why diversity in all its forms can help growth and well-being at workplaces

TLDR: Straight to the point

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