Technology, and specifically IT technology has helped turn dreams that every human being has had at least once – to fly, to dive deep, to be able to reach other people – and now, at the forefront of it all, are people like Alexander Oelling, CDO (Chief Digital Officer) at Volocopter, who are at the forefront and pioneering in the world of UAM – urban air mobility – in which vehicles like their Volocopter give us a glimpse into a future filled with flying taxis, but allowing us to enjoy it in the here and now. Our TC Gill sat down with Alexander to talk about his tech journey, his leadership style, and his advice worth in gold for techies and aspiring tech leaders. 


Build your teams and your connections as you would your friends, treat them fairly, and you’ll have a core which will always work based on result, not on time.

Alexander Oelling

From engineering all the way to leadership struggles, Alexander guided us through his amazing journey with amazing ease, and we’re sure the same will go for you once you click play. 

Key takeaways from the podcast: 

  • How ensuring a product is ready is all about safety and security 
  • Why creating teams, the proper way will always deliver 
  • How time is not a real obstacle when it comes to entering the world of technology and IT 

TLDR: Straight to the point

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