Vicki Reynolds

CTO at i3PT & CertCentral

Podcast – Episode 47:
Digitalising Construction 

Creating accountability and compliance to prevent disasters like Grenfell Tower

We are pleased to be hosting another podcast with a tech leader in the construction industry. An industry that is ripe for innovation and digitalization. Our guest Vicki Reynolds, CTO at i3PT, is doing just that. In light of the disaster that unfolded here in the UK (the Grenfell Tower disaster), the construction industry is going under a much-needed update around standards, compliance, and auditing. Vicki, who originally started as an actress, found her fulfilment in solving big challenges in the industry. Her story and journey are interesting and inspiring.

The ultimate challenge in digitization and integrating tech in all industries is standardization. Figuring out a system in which all businesses can function will save time, money, and ultimately – human lives.

Key takeaways from the podcast: 

  • You will hear about the pain points of the building industry and the solutions that Vicki and i3PT have developed 
  • How digitizing the construction industry creates a better audit trail to save lives 
  • Why diversity of people in the industry is positively impacting how business is conducted. Confirming what many of us knew already. That people of different genders and ways of thinking was always good for business. 
  • You will hear how careers can take interesting routes. Vicki’s hunger to make things better and the love of solving big industry challenges have led her from a very different industry to a place of work she loves. 

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