In this episode, TC engages with Rob Phillips, the Vice President of Software Engineering at UDig, a Richmond-based consulting company. Phillips delves into his journey from a passionate technologist in his youth to a seasoned leader in the tech industry. He shares valuable lessons on transitioning to senior leadership, the importance of understanding and articulating company problems, and the art of empowering teams for high performance. The conversation also covers the challenges of remote leadership, the balance between data-driven insights and business goals, and the importance of hiring competent team members. With a blend of personal anecdotes and professional wisdom, this episode is a must-listen for leaders and aspiring leaders. 


“Understanding and articulating company problems is crucial. It’s not just about identifying issues, but also providing the next step towards their resolution. This ability is key for successful leadership transitions.”  

Rob Phillips

  • Doer to Strategist Shift: Embrace the shift from task execution to strategic thinking and decision-making, focusing on broader organizational challenges. 
  • Fostering Innovation and Safety: Create a culture where experimentation is encouraged and learning from failures is valued, promoting innovation and adaptability. 
  • Data and Agility Balance: Achieve a balance between data-driven insights and organizational agility, making informed yet swift decisions in line with company goals. 

TLDR: Straight to the point

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