John Hughes and James Renshaw

CIO and CTO at The Modern Milkman 

Podcast – Episode 46:
Milking data for fresh ways to reduce plastic waste 

A mission-led business revolutionizing consumer habits

In this podcast, we speak to a business that’s milking their data for everything they can get. The Modern Milkman, a business delivering fresh ways to reduce plastic waste, shop ethically and feel good about convenience, is proud to call itself a data-driven business. James Renshaw (the CTO) and John Hughes (the CIO) at The Modern Milkman join us in this podcast to share their stories and tech-leading efforts. The Modern Milkman, a wonderful, fun business, brings the milkman service tradition into the 21st century with tech and modern-day data analysis and, a planet life-affirming mission to eliminate plastic. That’s right! Here’s a business designed to accomplish something wonderful for all of us and thrive at the same time.

We can understand our customers and we can drive ourselves forward. The point of driving ourselves forward is that we can carry on with that mission and with more customers about removing the plastic.

Key takeaways from the podcast are: 

  • How the morning milkman service is modernizing 
  • How driving the business with data in the driving seat can create a sharp  and nimble edge of business dexterity 
  • Holding your workforce with care and considering their future and career growth create a high-performing business team for an all-around win/win. 

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