Spark of Inspiration

Thinking out loud – digitally – while tackling issues we find close to heart. We believe that every solution started out as a debate, and you can see our arguments right here – in tightly-put-together pieces.


Our gifts for the insatiably curious minds that want more.

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Moving on Stereo, Effecting in Real Life

Tech leaders, wisdom, creative thinking, and a whole lot of inspiration – right here. We got some of the brightest heads sharing their ups and downs, their journeys, and their unique perspective of the world.

Experience in Action

Peek inside IT Labs – with the stories, journeys, and experiences of us all. We also lay out the things we do and we’re part of – so yes, it’s a mix between a diary and a news section.

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White Papers

Our experience, backed up with data and real examples, all laid out in pieces rich in brain nutrients.


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