The benefits of having an internship program

The process of finding the right talent that will fit with the company culture is challenging alone.  At the same time, you want people that possess … Read More

Podcast: A CTOs Epic journey with Charles Griffith

Charles Griffith, CTO at MilesZero, and previously, Technology Vice President of Transportation at Amazon, shares his journey as a CTO. … Read More

Webinar: E-Commerce search journey (Build vs. Buy)

Eugene Kovshilovsky, Senior Vice President of Software engineering, has been through the cycle of creating eCommerce search technology several times for some very prestigious enterprises. … Read More

The man behind the IT Labs mic – meet TC Gill

He is a person with an extraordinary professional journey and a persona that you’ll instantly recognize once you get to know him. He has a contagious, … Read More

What is GDPR and how does it affect software companies?

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is an EU data privacy law that went into effect on May 25, 2018. It’s designed to give individuals more … Read More

IT Labs Online Internship Program – Building the next tech generation

Sharing knowledge and having a direct role in building the next set of high-performing teams, is a major part of IT Labs working culture. It is … Read More

Designing social platforms in an evolving landscape

There are many types of users using Social Networks, and we are not talking small numbers here. Everything from end-users like you and I, to administrators, … Read More

Transformation Leadership for CTOs – CTO Confessions Ep 5

Episode 5: Transformation Leadership for CTOs Guest: Jardena London – Enterprise Business Agility Strategist at Rosetta Technology Group Once again, greetings, ladies and gentlemen. Jardena London … Read More

Fast transformation of work environments due to COVID-19 crisis

The Covid-19 crisis has created shock-waves in all aspects of our lives, in particular, the workplace. It’s safe to say that workplaces will never be the … Read More

There is no need to reinvent the wheel for User Identity Management

In this new era of digitalisation, one of the most expensive assets in these days is the data. Yet, most of the data breaches are caused … Read More

DonorTrends Success story – CTO Confessions Ep 4

Episode 4: DonorTrends Success story (from Innovation to conception, and a lovely happy exit) Guests: Ben Miller (CAO) & Caity Craver (CEO) from DonorTrends Greetings again … Read More

Automobile eCommerce industry amid Corona disruption – CTO Confessions Ep 3

Eugene Kovshilovsky (Евгений Ковшиловский), Senior Vice president of Engineering at US Auto parts, joined us for a discussion around how the automobile eCommerce industry was handling the Coronavirus storm. … Read More

How Can You Get More Effective with DevOps?

The promise of DevOps is to provide a basis of collaboration between organisations and IT that produces superior customer value. One of the most recent changes … Read More

Principles for the foundation of technology-driven organisations: CTO Confessions Ep 2

  Episode 2: Principles for the foundation of technology-driven organisations Herding the kittens in technology Guest: Branislav Gjorcevski – CEO of IT Labs Hello People. I … Read More

Keeping the human touch for full online recruitment

Digitalization is not new in the recruitment process. It has been here for long enough to become a regular part of each of its stages. Sourcing … Read More

E2E development challenges and overview of the E2E testing frameworks

E2E Development challenges End to end (E2E) testing plays a significant role in the quality of any product, and it is undoubtedly more than desirable for … Read More

Business Agility in the context of the Corona Virus challenge: CTO Confessions Ep 1

  Hello all, and welcome to “CTO Confessions” brought to you by IT Labs. My name is TC, and I’m honored to be hosting the “CTO … Read More

What IT Labs employees do while stuck indoors?

Staying at home is not just a great way to protect ourselves and the people around us, but also it is an essential moral measure to

Giving back to the tech community

Hello friends, I know we are all going through challenges in these disruptive and possibly concerning times. Firstly I would like to send you wishes of wellness … Read More

How to spend your time and have fun during quarantine?

During the situation with the COVID-19 pandemic, companies worldwide are implementing work-from-home policies to protect the health of their employees. Software industry companies are often familiar … Read More

How can managed cloud services help your digital transformation?

Nowadays, if you use managed cloud services to simply manage basic configuration and maintenance tasks, it means missing out on the greatest value that cloud services … Read More

Sustaining mental health during COVID-19

In the past few weeks, we have witnessed a coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic and a serious shock to health systems across the globe. Although a certain level … Read More

How to make the best of remote working

Excellence in Performance (Workshop)

Possessing the right soft skills is of great importance when working with clients, and it is something that can always be upgraded and improved. This involves … Read More

Kostandina Zafirovska among leading experts on Prague Gaming Summit 2020

The 4th edition of the Prague Gaming Summit will take place on 6 March and welcomes leading operators, service providers and gambling industry experts from all … Read More

Interview with our CEO Branislav Gjorcevski for Picante

One of our founders and CEO Branislav Gjorcevski sat down with “Picante Today” and talked about his beginnings in the IT Industry, what drives him forward … Read More

BMCC Entrepreneurship Workshop with our CEO Branislav Gjorcevski

Our CEO, Branislav ‘Banne’ Gjorcevski, was invited to help the young entrepreneurs at BMCC (BMCC Entrepreneurship) in NY to sharpen their skills and challenge their ideas … Read More

Team Building 2019

Our team is growing so fast that we even had our own Olympics! Okay, Wine Olympics… Every Olympics are ending with a party and there is … Read More

Leadership Talks 4 – Leaders create Leaders

This May our dear colleague Slavjanka Stankovikj had a presentation titled “Leaders create leaders”. There is a quote that says: “Make people feel like the hero … Read More

IT Labs 14th Anniversary

Happy 14th IT LABS anniversary! We welcomed the spring with a Hawaiian themed party and cocktails. As an addition, We celebrated 10 year anniversaries and we … Read More

Leadership Talks 3: How technical Leads are forged?

Leadership Talks 3rd session – done! Thanks to Blagoj Janev we had an amazing time during the presentation and the photos cannot lie! What did we … Read More

Value Promotion : Engagement – Donating and planting trees at Skopje Zoo

This weekend in the spirit of our Company’s value Engagement we donated and planted 30 trees in the Skopje ZOO. Wondering why? Because we care. We … Read More

Leadership Talks 2: Leaders are made, not born

Did you know that Behavioral Theories believe that people can become leaders through the process of teaching, learning, and observation? Imagine that you recently discovered a … Read More

Value Promotion: Engagement – Visiting Institute for the Rehabilitation of Children and Youth in Topansko Pole

Last May we visited the Institute for Rehabilitation of Children and Youth in Topansko Pole. This activity was organized by a team member, Voislav Mishevski, role … Read More

Value Promotion: Loyalty – Volleyball and Beer @ Gradska Plazha

September 5. Our ‘Loyalty’ value role model Zlatko Atanasovski organized a beach volleyball tournament to promote ‘Loyalty’ as a strong company value. We randomly selected four … Read More

IT Labs Wellness Month – September

14th September was pronounced to be IT Labs’ Wellness Month. Here is the scoop: A health coach session at the office, A weekly challenge: “Get to … Read More

Education Lab Event & Beer

Every now and then we have a beer (and not only beerJ) event at our office. We would be very delighted if you come and join … Read More

Consulting Alliance: IT Labs disrupts the consultancy business

IT Labs is proud to announce the launch of Consulting Alliance, a new initiative expanding the IT Labs’ ecosystem. The Alliance is an on-demand global network … Read More

Reach for The Clouds

You have big ideas to streamline your business and drive sales through the roof. But to get there, your ideas need business apps, and business apps … Read More

Awesome Experience at Mavrovo Maximum Adventure

It’s amazing how organizing a team-building activity can boost productivity. Our company recognizes the added value of these activities, so we decided to take part in … Read More

IT Labs Table Football Tournament

We are continuously elevating our team spirit, and what could be more inspiring than organizing one more tournament? This time, our employees had the chance to measure their skills in Table Football (Foosball)! … Read More

IT Labs’ CEO Branislav Gjorcevski’s Interview for Codengo

CodeNgo is a self-publishing service that helps Android app developers and publishers get their apps in more app stores. Our CEO, Branislav “Banne” Gjorcevski, recently had the … Read More

IT Labs QA Team Members Earn ISTQB Certifications

We depend on our employees to create great experiences for our clients, and that is the reason employee development is one of our core values. IT … Read More

The Importance of Web Application Security Testing

Today, millions of web applications exist to make our lives easier and much more interesting. We can shop online, pay bills, chat with friends and relatives, … Read More

What You Need to Tell Your Expert for Effective SEO

SEO has always been one of the best ways to invest your online marketing money for long-term effects. The challenge is that investments in SEO are … Read More

TalkMarkets Hits 1.000.000 Page Views!

As the holiday season approaches, we have another great success to celebrate. TalkMarkets, one of our largest partner projects, has proudly reached 1.000.000 page views. As … Read More

Our New Year’s Party

With the holiday season approaching, we got inspired to spread some cheer and joy, and lend a hand to people in need. Since our company mostly consists of young developers, we came up with the idea to organize a big party for all our staff, partners and friends. … Read More

Ping Pong Tournament

Building team spirit here at the new IT Labs offices is a priority, so we created an entertainment room for each member of our family to enjoy and relax in, when needed. The ping pong table became a big hit and we’ve actually discovered some hidden talents. … Read More

IT Labs Becomes APN Standard Technology Partner

It Labs LLC, a software solutions provider company, is proud to become an APN Technology Partner, as part of the global AWS Partner Network. As for … Read More

Welcome to Our New Offices!

After spending more than two years on the 11th floor of a tall office building, enjoying a magnificent view of the city, it was time for us to move. We found that we had simply outgrown the space due to our ever-increasing staff and our need for larger work spaces to accommodate our diverse projects requirements and unique collaborative needs. … Read More