Meet the thought leaders in the tech space who’ve shared their behind-the-scenes stories and learnings on leadership, how to deal with tough business issues, and what it really takes to live the Tech Leader’s life.

Emre Turan

CTO at UNL Global

Amit Goyal

Chief Technology Officer at tZERO

Brendan Schwartz

Co-Founder, CTO at Wistia

Denali Lumma

Vice President, Engineering at Project Rōnin

Rajiv Peter

Director Of Digital Technology at Notting Hill Genesis

Paul Clarke

Former CTO/ Currently on a portfolio of governmental and industry advisory boards

Florian Klemt

Co-Founder and CTO at Fashion Cloud

Marcus Lambert

CTO at Omobono

Hamed Sadeghian

President and CTO of Nearfield instruments

Maksym Schipka

CTO at Vortexa

Tom Meehan


Shane Emmons

CTO at TeamSnap 

Michele Sollecito

Senior Director Head of Engineering at Revolut

Marc Roberts

CTO at hiyacar

Hazel Olivier

CTO at Nimbla

Roy Keyes

Author and data expert 

Oded Cohen

CTO at Nativo 

Paul Lawrence 

Senior Software Engineer at Google Engineering 

James Cummings

Vice President of Business Development at London & Partners

Alain Briancon

CTO at Cerebri AI

Sung Choi

Senior Director Of Engineering at Warby Parker

Charles White

CTO and Founder at Fornetix

Felix Hovsepian

CTO at Blue Manifold & Professor

David Glick


Steve Books

CTO at Slingshot Technology

Brian Hough

CTO at Beam Dental

Swathi Young

CTO at Integrity Management Services

David Freed

CTO at OnScale

Taylor Lilley

CTO at Global Payroll Gateway

Jeff Olin

Vice President of Technology at HomeSphere

Gene McNaughton

President of Growth Smart Consulting

Deal Daly

Field CTO at Hammerspace

Charles Griffith

CTO at MileZero

Jeremy Basset

Founder and Managing Director of CO:CUBED

Eugene Kovshilovsky

Sr. Vice President of Software Engineering at US Auto Parts