Turning Data Science Into Business Value To Your Customers (AI & ML)Your 1-on-1 Workshop  

This FREE 1-on-1 workshop is a unique opportunity to bring the leadership and the data scientists in the same room to discuss the key value of data science/AI/ML for their organization and their customers.

The Goals

The goal is for the technology and/or business leadership to walk away from the workshop with a clear understanding of:

  • Shall we do this? Is there value?
  • Will you go down this path to provide more value to your market?
  • What type of AI/ML makes sense for your product/organization?
  • The outcomes that you can create
  • What is the level of effort on such an initiative?
  • What is the ROI of implementing any AI/ML related functions?
  • Any risks, internal efforts, and implications?
  • Level of Effort, internal and external
  • How much will it cost? Maybe even “How much will it cost not to do this?”

The Setup

  • We will set up a roundtable discussion for two, one-hour sessions
  • Around that table will be:
    • You
      • Tech leaders (CTO, VP Engineering, Director of Technology, CIO, Data Officer, and other)
      • Business leaders (CEO, COO, CMO, and others)
    • IT Labs
      • Our AI/ML experts
      • Data exerts

The Discussion

  • We will discuss:
    • Your organization
    • The outcomes you want to create for your customers and your business functions.
    • The data you already generate
    • The data you could generate to achieve your outcomes
  • You will ask us:
    • What’s possible?
    • What’s not possible?
    • What models to use?
    • What is the process like?
    • What are the possible risks?
    • The expected level of accuracy?
    • What will the weather be like in 37 days?

We want to get to know you, educate you, see where we can serve (if at all), or pass you onto people we trust and know that will be of value. To read more about our expertise and case studies, please click here.

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