Skyler Seamans

Principal Engineer at Togo Group

A craftsperson at heart, Skyler Seamans is a product and engineering leader whose apps are used by tens of millions. Whether the app is for BET or WWE, Teamsnap or Campendium, Chick-fil-a or Anthony Bourdain, Skyler is driven by empathy for both end-users and his teammates. He takes pride in creating beautiful software and inclusive engineering cultures. 

The excitement you get when you develop and deliver something that helps people and it is used worldwide is a feeling that cannot be described, but one that everyone knows when they feel it.

He started out as a mobile app developer, working his way up the ladder, before getting down to working with technology. As a leader, he sees his team mates as chefs, and not as line cooks, as the chefs are the ones with the best ideas – the ones who can make a difference in how the product is developed, and the impact it will have. 


Podcast: Digitalizing Sports Through Innovative Leadership with Skyler Seamans & Shane Emmons

Meet Skyler Seamans and Shane Emmons, the two techies from TeamSnap – a company that provides spots management solutions.


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