Shane Emmons

CTO at Aktivate

Shane is a pioneer in cultivating distributed companies. His purpose is to foster environments within companies where people can bring their whole selves every day. His fundamental belief is that when people are not hiding their truth, they can be their most effective and impactful selves through this perspective. Shane encourages people to be fully present, grow and produce results that exceed expectations.

He cares most about growing diverse teams that are highly collaborative and autonomous. By focusing on this mission, he strives to increase all people’s opportunities throughout the technology industry. He is steadfast in his belief that there are better ways to work. For him, too many people have been pushed away for not conforming to an antiquated methodology rooted in the industrial revolution. Shane’s passion is to change that.

To further his pursuits beyond leading companies, he also coaches and advises startups and emerging leaders. Shanes’ focus is to share his wisdom around using technology to grow these ‘newbie’ organizations’ cultures and use their power.

Yes, it’s hard and there’s failings every day and there’s wins every day. But ultimately I work because I like it and I like this challenge. It’s okay to have the failing and learn from it every single day.

And if the above is not impressive enough, Shane’s philosophy for work and life is profound, elegant, and simple: 

  • Everyone is their own authority. 
  • Diversity nurtures growth. 
  • To live unattached is to be truly free. 
  • Be excellent in everything we choose to do. 
  • Organizations, like the people within them, are organisms, not machines. 

And finally, to shine a light on who Shane is as a person and leader, this is how he strives to carry himself: 

  • I speak my truth with kindness. 
  • I welcome my whole self and the whole selves of others. 
  • I see the possibility in others. I cultivate their possibility. 
  • I am authentic in all things.
  • I trust others freely. 

Now those are the words of an enlightened leader. 


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