Gene McNaughton

President of Growth Smart Consulting

Podcast – Episode 10:
CTO’s roles in driving revenues for SaaS Companies

(In sales, seemingly small things can make a huge difference)

Selling is an art, and like any art, we can use techniques to improve or suppress the probability of creating the desired result. In the modern world and COVID19 crisis, interactions in the digital world are becoming the norm rather than the exception. The normalities of face to face meetings have, at least for the short term, turned into a rarity. Thus, impacting the ability to develop a healthy rapport between the seller and potential client. Gene, a thought leader in the space of sales and company growth, shares his wisdom on how technology leaders can set up their sales representatives to tip the scales towards success. What appears to be small things can make an impact on online meetings, which smooth the path towards a sale or, at a minimum, a stronger client relationship. Gene is an author on the art of selling, who has lots of experience working with many large organizations to drive revenue growth, and a man with many years of experiential success for his clients. So, what Gene has to say to Tech leaders holds weight. His advice will help your organization’s bottom line.

“What a seller should be doing is bringing in their engineers [to their sales meetings], bringing in their technology thought leaders. … [the] technically inclined people whose job is to ask the hard questions. Whether it’s the CTO, an engineer, or a subject matter expert, they are vital in today’s buying and selling processes.”

Key takeaways from the Podcast are:

  • Tech leaders can drive sales revenues in more ways than you initially think
  • Partnerships with Sales, Marketing and technology offices create a powerful synergy
  • The disruption of the COVID-19 crisis highlights an opportunity to employ technology to reduce Sales function costs and increase customer engagement

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