Gene McNaughton

President of Growth Smart Consulting

Gene has a presence! You can see straight away why he’s an expert and thought leader in the space of Sales and all the other aspects that gravitate around this subject.

Author of the book “The Sales Edge,” and with a long successful 25 years track record of helping Fortune 500 companies improve their strategies, Gene brings gravitas to his advice. There are many quotes by him; this one below, however, really resonated with IT Labs philosophy around Agile and Business Agility.

“What a seller should be doing is bringing in their engineers [to their sales meetings], bringing in their technology thought leaders. … [the] technically inclined people whose job is to ask the hard questions. Whether it’s the CTO, an engineer, or a subject matter expert, they are vital in today’s buying and selling processes.”

The inclusion of Gene in our CTO Confessions Podcast series and addition to our tech leaders community is that CTOs, and the like, are the drivers of innovation and enabling organizations to be more effective. How you equip, train, and support salespeople to use their tech directly impacts sales revenues. Not forgetting the skill of selling as well. After all, like Daniel Pink says in his book “To Sell Is Human,” we are all salespeople.

As mentioned, Gene has a history of leadership and achievements that has made him an accomplished Consultant, Public Speaker, and Sales Trainer.

One of the many highpoints of Gene’s 25-year journey includes spending over a decade at Gateway Computers, working alongside senior leadership, and developing top of the line sales teams. He was part of that organization’s dramatic rise to dizzying hights. His expertise covers a wide range of areas that enable the impact he has on organizations. To name a few:

  • Sales Growth
  • Leadership
  • Training
  • Development of high performing sales personnel
  • Management
  • Coaching
  • Development of high performing support personnel

We honored to have someone with this level of sales experience in our community. A real thought leader in the space.


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